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MacMod booth tour

The mad modders at MacMod have their very own booth at Macworld this year with a myriad of mods on hand for your enjoyment. Go check them out and say hello at booth N4320 in the oft-neglected North Hall of the Moscone Center. While you're there, grab a Sharpie and autograph the PowerMac to be a par...

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Variations on a theme: It's not a Mac O'Lantern, it's a Pumputer

More Halloween hacks for you - check out the Pumputer, made by Brenda and Adam. They say "The Pumputer was conceived of to bring home the company's carving contest award for the Information Technology department. A 1990 Macintosh Classic computer was obtained and carefully dismantled. After inserti...

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A Mac mini in an NES

This is an impressive mod. Brent Housen's friend has taken a Mac mini, gutted it, and reassembled it inside an 'old school' (as the kids say) NES. The power button on the NES puts the Mac mini to sleep, and the Reset button ejects the CD tray. Pretty sweet, I just hope you don't have to blow on the...

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