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Tag: mac os x hints

Obituary: Mac OS X Hints might be "pining for the fjords"

Over the years, one of the top websites other than TUAW for getting hints about Mac OS X was Macworld's Mac OS X Hints. Now a post by former Macworld blogger Rob Griffiths is paying last respects to the site 14 years after it first went live. The site is still online, but as Griffiths notes, it has...

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Happy 10th birthday to Mac OS X Hints

Because we veteran Mac sites have to stick together, we're sending congratulations out to the good folks over at Mac OS X Hints, who yesterday turned the ripe old age (in blogging years, anyway) of ten years old. The site, created by Rob Griffiths and now run by Macworld, continues to be a terrific...

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hacksugar: Hiding Apple's built-in applications

TUAW reader Joe Thompson pointed us to this hint over at Mac OS X Hints that helps you hide the standard applications that ship with the iPhone, without jailbreaking. This allows you to use those spots for your preferred 3rd party alternatives without sacrificing valuable home screen real estate or ...

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Rob Griffiths leaves Mac OS X Hints

I have to admit that I don't always use them, but I do always enjoy reading the hints over at Mac OS X Hints -- there probably isn't a more eclectic or helpful mix of random hints about how to use your Mac or iPhone available on the Internet. So I was saddened to read today that editor Rob Griffith...

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Add music to auto-synced iPods from any Mac (photos and videos, too)

At last, the chains that bind an auto-synced iPod have been broken; or at least, this is the first time I've heard of such a simple hint for adding music (and possibly photos and video) to an iPod already bound to another computer's library. Mac OS X Hints has a surprisingly simple tip for accomplis...

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Selectively hide the dock and menubar in some apps

Yet another slick tip I found while parsing my Mac OS X Hints feed is a fairly simple hack for setting the dock and menubar to auto-hide based on which app is in the foreground. This can come in very handy if you usually like to see these elements, but often work in screen-hungry apps that can't aut...

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Export Stickies text via Applescript

As you may know, Apple's Stickies isn't directly scriptable via Applescript (technically, you can send a system event). Still, one enterprising soul has discovered a work around, and posted it to Mac OS X Hints. His script creates a new text file, one for each Sticky. Once you've got your text file,...

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