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Kanex meDrive: A pocket-sized file server for iOS and OS X

Imagine having a way to access shared files from your Mac, PC, or iOS devices without needing to tie up a computer to act as a file server. That's the idea behind the Kanex meDrive (US$79), a tiny box that connects to your Wi-Fi router and any USB flash or hard drive, and then works with a free co...

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New command line tools in Mountain Lion manage encryption, sleep and sharing

For fans of the Terminal, Mountain Lion brought some new command-line utilities. Perhaps the most notable is fdesetup, which Apple explains briefly: "fdesetup allows third-party management tools to enable FileVault, determine encryption status, capture and manage recovery keys, and add users to a ...

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Lion Server to be a $50 download from Mac App Store

In the past, if you wanted to set up a Mac OS X-based server, you bought a separate DVD with an expensive license. In the case of Snow Leopard Server, that license was $499 for an unlimited number of users. Now, it appears that Lion Server is going to be a $49.99 set of apps that you'll purchas...

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Xserve End Of Life: Some opinions and ideas about Apple's server strategy

As an Apple Consultants Network member who has installed his share of Apple Xserves, I have mixed emotions about Apple's decision today to pull the plug on the only "real" server that they've been selling. On the one hand, Apple hasn't been selling a lot of the pricey pizza boxes to big business, ...

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Working with the new Apple Mac mini Server and Snow Leopard Server

It's always nice when, as a Mac consultant, I can play with the latest hardware and software and get paid to do it. Last week was no exception, and when I received a call from a new client who wanted assistance with a Mac mini Server, I jumped at the chance. Since the introduction of the Mac mini i...

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Apple posts three new updates

After the big upgrade to Snow Leopard last weekend, Apple has posted three new updates, fixing various OS and firmware issues. The first is Mac mini EFI Firmware Update 1.2. This update "improves compatibility with the latest Apple memory kits on Mac mini computers." This update is only needed fo...

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Tolis Group announces BRU Server 2.0 update; system admins rejoice

When a Leopard user wants a backup of the data on her computer, she might just attach an external hard disk to her machine and let Time Machine perform its magic. But how do you do backups for Xserves or large groups of Mac users? In many cases, you use tape libraries attached to servers, client sof...

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Apple unveils Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server, cuts price in half

If you have Mac servers in your business, you weren't left out of the Snow Leopard fun during the keynote earlier today. Apple also announced that Mac OS X Server 10.6, A.K.A. Snow Leopard Server, will be shipping in September. Like Snow Leopard, the server version of the OS provides 64-bit support...

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Apple releases free Mac management white paper

An email is being sent from Apple to education customers this morning, offering a free white paper on Mac management. Entitled "Solutions for Systems Management," the paper can be accessed by entering your school's name and zip code on a special web page. It includes solid, basic information on asse...

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Mac OS X Server Admin Tools updated to 10.4.4

Don't put that mouse down just yet, it's time to launch Software Update again. Apple has updated their Server Admin Tools to version 10.4.4. According to Apple, "This update provides compatibility for administering Mac OS X Server from Mac OS X computers, and is recommended for all systems. It ...

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