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New version of the app wall at WWDC

I'm actually driving up to San Francisco this afternoon for WWDC (and if you're there already, be sure to make an appointment to see us sometime this week!), but one of the things that I hope to get a chance to check out is the famous "app wall," a real-time view of apps being downloaded from the...

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Winscape: Apple-powered fake windows

Just in time for the weekend, here's a technology that's arrived before its time, I think. Winscape is a set of two plasma televisions set up behind window panes, and hooked up to a Mac Pro. The Pro is running the custom Winscape software, which controls the "view" out of the windows according to a...

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Mac Pro takes a bullet, brings justice

This piece isn't about shooting Mac Pros, but it is about how the Mac Pro is helping forensics professionals solve cases faster and more accurately. Pyramidal Technologies produces a system called ALIAS (Advanced balLIstics Analysis System), a replacement for standard ballistic investigation syste...

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Giant iPhone video is cool, but quite fake

This video is making the rounds lately -- on first glance, it looks someone running the iPhone OS on a Mac Pro with a 24" multitouch monitor. As you can see, everything more or less works as you'd expect, and therein lies the rub: anyone who's looked at it with a critical eye, including our friend ...

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Tom's Hardware says Apple and PC prices are equivalent

I love Tom's Hardware -- they're traditionally a PC site (and being a gamer, I've built and run my share of PCs), but like most PC guys, they aren't afraid to lay out the specs and draw direct conclusions from there. And that's exactly what they've done with a very Mac misconception: that Apple comp...

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