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Tag: macaddict

Mac|Life née MacAddict tells Macworld mag to Bring it On...

A few more details have emerged about the name change and other changes afoot at MacAddict. Steve Aaron, publishing director at Future US spoke to The Mac Observer on Monday and basically revealed that he wouldn't be revealing much - until Macworld Expo in January '07. He attributes the name change ...

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MacAddict Magazine to be renamed Mac|Life

Near the top of my list of the dumbest things I've heard today, Macworld reports that MacAddict is being relaunched as Mac|Life, thanks to some genius at Future US, the humorous and handy Mac-themed magazine's current publisher. The Macworld article points to a recent job posting on the SF Bay Area ...

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How would you convince a PC user to switch?

We've all tried to fill this role at some point in our lives. Sometimes we get the job done, and other times, well...Dell is still in business, aren't they? BeLight Software wants to celebrate Apple's upcoming anniversary by bringing a few more sheep into the fold. Describe to them whatever success...

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