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TUAW TV Live: EyeTV HD, MacBook Air, and a Newton for the 21st Century

Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to another episode of TUAW TV Live! This should prove to be a lively and fun episode of the show, since I have a review of the Elgato EyeTV HD "Mac DVR" queued up to show you. This is a great idea if you have a traditional cable or satellite TV box and you wish...

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Macworld reveals Editors' Choice Award winners

For the 26th consecutive year, Macworld has announced the winners of the Editors' Choice Awards. While the online article announcing the winners makes it sound like the awards are for Mac hardware and software only, it's open to just about any product that works with Macs or other Apple devices. Whi...

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Toshiba introduces MacBook Air-type solid-state drives

One of the key elements that allowed Apple to make the new MacBook Air so slim was the elimination of traditional drive packaging for the solid-state drive (SSD). Rather than installing the flash memory in a case that could be installed in place of a spinning drive, the SSD looks like an old-scho...

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TechRestore takes some of the gloss off of new MacBook Air with matte screen option

While there is generally no arguing with the aesthetic qualities of products that come from Apple, that beauty does sometimes come at the expense of functionality. A case in point is the unfortunate trend to glossy screens on Apple's portable computing devices. If all you do is gaze at your MacB...

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