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iOS 4.2 makes iPad a productivity rival for MacBook Air, says CNET

CNET's Brook Crothers claims that with the launch of iOS 4.2, he is pretty much ready to abandon his MacBook Air in favor of full-time use of his iPad. Even before the upgrade to the mobile OS, Crothers found that he was almost exclusively using the 3G tablet in the airport, hotel and plane for his ...

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Analyst: Flash memory makes MacBook Air more profitable than bigger laptops

We already know the MacBook Air is thinner than most laptops, but it turns out that the stack of money it makes Apple isn't. An analyst named Brian Marshall of Gleacher & Co. says that the flash memory in the MacBook Air is one of the big places that Apple makes its money on the machine, report...

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Twitterers remember their first Mac

Reader Sam K. (thanks!) noticed the fun on Twitter -- lots of folks are sharing their memories of the first Mac they bought/used with the #firstmac hash tag, and boy is it fun reading through them. The responses are all over the place, from the old ][e (technically my first computer ever at schoo...

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Prototype MacBook Air found on eBay

This is probably old news for most classic Mac collectors, but it's the first I've heard of it: a member of the forums at bought a MacBook Air "as is" on eBay, and when it showed up, he got something even more valuable than the envelope-filler: a prototype version. As you can see abo...

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eeeMac runs OS X on an even smaller portable than the Air

I've heard some great things about the tiny little eeePC, but this is the best thing I've heard so far: it can be a Mac. Twitterer Gregory Cohen has pictures on Picasa of his completed eeeMac, an eeePC transformed (perhaps in similar fashion to this previous attempt -- details please, Gregory) int...

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Found Footage: Thinkpad MacBook Air parody

There are two hot ultraportable computers on the scene now-a-days: the MacBook Air and the ThinkPad X300. Some clever Lenovo lover created this MacBook Air ad parody which points out the key differences between the Air and the X300: number of ports and an internal DVD drive (only available on some ...

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MBP vs. MBA benchmarking showdown

Bare Feats continues to pit Macs against each other in a no-holds-barred, up-against-the-wall benchmarking breakdown, and this time around it's the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air in the octagon together. And things go about as planned -- while the solid state drive in the MBA has its advantages, ...

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TSA makes good: X-rays MacBook Air and posts video

As you'll recall the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) was hard at work, hoping to avoid making another MacBook Air owner miss their flight (the security people didn't know what to make of the x-ray images of the MacBook Air). The TSA got their hands on a MacBook Air for some testing, an...

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MacBook Air: It's a good thing

America's favorite ex-con (that's Martha Stewart, not her dog Sharkey, as seen above) just loves her new MacBook Air, according to her blog. Like most MBA owners, she's "amazed" by how thin it is, and is thrilled that the trackpad "works much the same way as the Apple iPhone" -- in fact, her whole...

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Apple Ads = major indie exposure

What does an Apple advert do for an unknown indie artist without a US album release to her name? In the case of Yael Naim it meant debuting at number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 with 135000 downloads of her song, "I'm a New Soul". It also meant Atlantic Records pushing her US album debut forward by t...

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TSA works to clear MacBook Air for flight

You may recall that MacBook Air user Michael Nygard was recently screened by the TSA (that's the Transportation Security Administration, to those who aren't in the US.) when he went through security with his MacBook Air. It would seem that the good folks manning the X-ray machine couldn't make head...

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Don't throw the MacBook Air out with the paper

Apple doesn't just loan review units to anyone who asks. No, you have to be pretty high up on the tech journalism foodchain in order to be entrusted with review gear from Apple (you will note that TUAW does not receive any review units from our favorite fruit company). Steven Levy is decidedly amon...

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Check MacBook Air availability

Sure, the MacBook Air is a niche product, but it seems to be a darned popular niche product. The folks who are most interested in the MacBook Air are the kind that obsessively track the availability of their latest gadget crush, and now Apple has made that much easier for those jonesing for a littl...

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Apple and the imminent death of HD DVD

Time is running out for Toshiba and friends; the high definition format wars are almost over now officially over. HD DVD hasn't found the footing it needed to earn the support of retailers and studios alike, and it seems that Sony's champion, Blu-Ray, is going to win the day. So what does that mean ...

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Putting the Apple Store geniuses to the test

Challenging customer service folks in retail stores is pretty much shooting fish in a barrel-- sure, Apple claims to have a great retail environment, but if those Geniuses are getting paid as little as I was when I worked in retail, there's no real reason for them to know the difference between the ...

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