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My Dad, the Switcher: Day 140

Yesterday, Robert talked about setting up a new Mac Pro for his switcher Dad. Today, setting up Windows proves to be a bit of a headache. When I mentioned to my best buddy Cameron that Dad was getting a Mac Pro to replace his just-months-old Mac mini, he said "Wow. He sure moves quickly when it com...

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MacFUSE updated to 2.0 now includes 64-bit and Snow Leopard support

MacFUSE is awesome. It allows you to mount a remote server's filesystem, view your iTunes library in Finder, read from and write to NTFS hard drives, and much more! With all of this functionality crammed into a free product one would think it could not get any better. Amazingly, it has. The latest ...

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ExpanDrive 1.3 adds FTP support

It's been a while since we heard from the developers at Magnetk, but they've just released version 1.3 of Expandrive with some new functionality. They're calling it a beta to be safe, but it seems to just be cautious labeling; 1.3 has been very stable for me thus far. As a quick review, Expandrive a...

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ExpanDrive gets AppleScript support

Version 1.1 of ExpanDrive, the utility we reported on earlier that gives you SSH/SFTP server access that's transparent to the OS, hit the streets today. In addition to features like "Reconnect at Login" and several interface/usability tweaks, it now supports AppleScript. The AppleScript library is s...

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ExpanDrive: transparent remote file access

I just got finished putting ExpanDrive by Magnetk through its paces. In fact, I've been using it all morning and I'm duly impressed. It's an application that allows you to mount SFTP filesystems as local drives. I've used other MacFUSE-based systems in the past and I'm pleasantly surprised to find t...

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iTunesFS: your music in Finder

iTunesFS is a MacFUSE filesystem, written by Marcus Müller, that lets you browse your iTunes music library and playlists from the finder. It's a great example of MacFUSE being put to use, and the source code is available (via Subversion) for others to learn from. iTunesFS allows you to manage t...

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TUAW Tip: Put iPhone's File System onto your Desktop with sshfs

TUAW has talked before about sshfs, the secure shell file system, and MacFUSE, the OS X implementation of FUSE (File-system in USErspace). So it's not huge news that you can use MacFUSE/sshfs to access the files on your iPhone but it might be an option that you've overlooked. It's certainly conveni...

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Parallels using MacFUSE to access NTFS

As soon as Parallels 3.0 introduced the Explorer tool, letting you get inside your virtual drive images without running the installed virtual OS, I began to wonder: exactly how are they doing that? A few forum threads and a couple of serendipitous error screenshots later, I have an answer -- Parall...

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MacFusion: a GUI for MacFUSE

We mentioned MacFUSE many times here on TUAW. It's a very cool utility (from Amit Singh at Google) which brings the Linux FUSE project to the Mac for easily expanding file system support (for more background on Singh and MacFUSE check out this interview at IT Conversation). Unfortunately, however, M...

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SpotlightFS: MacFUSE based Smart Folders

We've posted several times about the coolness that is MacFUSE from the Mac group over at Google. Well now comes yet another cool application of the basic technology: SpotlightFS which unites Spotlight and MacFUSE to create genuine smart folders, whose content changes based on search criteria. Unlike...

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How to use MacFUSE

Remember MacFUSE? The filesystem that Google's Amit Singh ported over to OS X? Yes, that's the one. Sure, you read about it here on TUAW and thought to yourself, 'That sounds cool but I have no idea why I should care or how I would go about using it.' Fear not, loyal TUAW reader, Jay Savage at Downl...

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Macfuse: FUSE File System for the Mac

This one is for the real Mac geeks out there. Amit Singh, author or Mac OS X Internals: A Systems Approach, is widely recognized as an über Mac-geek and possibly the person outside of Apple that knows the most about Mac OS X. He is now employed by Google as their Mac Engineering Manager. As he ...

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