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Hide an Icon in the Dock

The über-Mac geeks over at mac geekery answer a reader question I have often wondered about myself: is it possible to hide an application's icon so it does not appear in your Dock, even though the application is running? And the answer is yes, if you're up for a little bit of relatively easy ha...

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Improving your AirPort reception, MacGeekery How-To

MacGeekry has just published a truly epic post discussing best practices for maintaining a strong and relatively interference free AirPort Network. The article, full of pretty graphs and shiny charts, explains how to use three free programs to check your network for issues, and how to fix any issues...

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MacBook has great Wireless range

I like the screen on my new MacBook, that's a fact. I'm loving the WiFi range of the little bugger as well. Mac Geekery points out that Apple repositioned the wireless antennas on the MacBook, and boy does it make a difference. I had no idea that there were so many wireless networks near my apartmen...

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Acquire a copy of iTunes Producer

iTunes Producer is the program that Apple created that allows music makers to upload their songs to the iTunes Music Store. Usually you need an iTunes Label Connect Login to get the program (i.e. Apple needs to approve you), but Macgeekery  has found a way around that. If you're running OS X se...

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How Apple geniuses find out about new Apple products

I have been enjoying the 'Pure Genius' column over at Mac Geekery since they started running, and the most recent column is no exception. If you have ever wonder how much Apple Store employees know about upcoming products wonder no more (the answer is little to nothing). As always, misbehaving cust...

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Mac Geekery on OS X Security Basics

I know that many people who read this site think that security is something that only Windows users have to worry about. Well, I hope that the events of the last few days have changed your mind, and made those people realize that while OS X hasn't been targeted in the past that means nothing for the...

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