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The iPhone app I saw at WWDC but still can't show you: Bon App

I guess you could say I'm an armchair foodie. Strangely enough, once I started working at home I rarely got the chance to cook a proper meal. It doesn't help that my kids have typical kid palates, and attempts to "get fancy" with the ingredients are met with wrinkled noses and frowning faces. So whe...

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MacGourmet improves upon a winner

Let me tell you about the fly paper storage method. I spent my youth in a shoebox-shaped house in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It had vinyl siding, cracked slate sidewalks and an under-performing rose bush in the front yard. Inside you'd find my family: happy enough, God-fearing and terribly disorganized...

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MacGourmet Deluxe sale about to expire

Getting this one in almost under the wire, MacGourmet Deluxe is currently on sale until the end of Saturday for $34.95 USD, about 30% off its normal retail price of $44.95. We've covered MacGourmet Deluxe in the past, and it was actually Dave Caolo's post that motivated me to give the software a try...

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DIY Cookbooks with MacGourmet and TasteBook

Advenio's MacGourmet is a perennial favorite for Mac owners who want to track recipes. TasteBook is the place to grab recipes from various online sites (think FoodNetwork. Epicurious, AllRecipes.com) and create your own cookbooks. Now MacGourmet and TasteBook have partnered to make creating your cus...

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MacGourmet Deluxe is ready to go

MacGourmet is a very nice recipe organizer for the Mac that we've written about several times. It's definitely a far cry from the home grown database I was running on my SE. For the uninitiated, MacGourmet lets you organize your recipes and menus as you would expect. It also lets you publish of reci...

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Macgourmet 2.1 is available

When we last looked at Macgourmet, they were wrapping up the beta phase of version 2. Today, the beta phase is over and version 2.1 has been released. If you're unfamiliar, Macgourmet is kind of like "iTunes for your recipes." You can store recipes, sure, but Macgourmet also lets you publish to your...

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MacGourmet 2 Public Beta - Round Two

The folks at MacGourmet have entered their second round of Public Beta 2 - Version 2.0.0 Beta 9. We've written about MacGourmet many times before and we're still fans of this recipe manager for OS X. MacGourmet 2 is universal binary and this release includes the following changes: [FIXED] Added t...

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MacGourmet call for beta testers

MacGourmet, the recipe and ingredient management tool that we took a look at a number of months ago, is readying version 2.0 for public consumption. Currently they are running a closed beta, and are in need of participants. For the unfamiliar, MacGourmet lets you not only store recipes, but create "...

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MacGourmet goes universal

MacGourmet, the recipe manager that behaves much like iTunes and iPhoto, has gone universal with version 1.2 (version 1.2 also includes a variety of bug fixes). We took a look at MacGourmet back in August. It's terrifically handy, and lets you organize your recipes and ingredients, generate shopping...

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