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xScope, Fantastical, more available for just $10 in new MacHeist bundle

The latest bundle from MacHeist has just gone live, and it's a good one. There are six apps in the bundle, and they're a steal at a price of just US$9.99: You'll get the great xScope measuring tools for designers, Fantastical's excellent calendar app, Boinx's stupendous iStopMotion, tutorial-ma...

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MacHeist releases The Heist for iOS

The folks over at MacHeist are apparently revving up for another big sale, and this time to celebrate the event, they've gone all out. Previous versions of the sale have featured a web-based metagame, but this time the game has moved onto iOS with the release of a US$0.99 app called The Heist. ...

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Twitter for Mac update removes hidden features

MacHeist bundle owners may be disappointed to discover that the latest version of Twitter for Mac removes the hidden Super Secret menu, which was covertly added by developers. This backdoor was included as a bonus for disgruntled customers who purchased the MacHeist bundle before Tweetie was acquir...

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Tweetie for Mac has a MacHeist secret

The storied history of MacHeist continues with the release of Twitter for Mac in the app store. As you may remember, MacHeist bundle customers were promised early access and a free copy of Tweetie 2. Then Tweetie 2 never arrived, and Twitter bought Tweetie, and now there's a free version of Twitter...

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MacBundles invites customers to 'Build Your Own Bundle'

Ever since the success of MacHeist, it seems like resellers offering bundles of applications at heavily discounted prices are proliferating. MacBundles has an interesting new twist: a la carte application bundles. Just like buying a CD that has a few songs you really like along with a bunch of fille...

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The future of Tweetie and the Mac

A tweet from @MacHeist provides clarification on another tweet from Twitter founder Evan Williams. Williams commented a few days ago that Twitter was not "actively investing" in Tweetie for the Mac at this time. Williams' tweet caused quite a stir. Since the acquisition of Tweetie for iPhone and ...

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MacHeist nano bundle adds Tweetie for final day

The ever-popular MacHeist bundle, offering eight Mac apps for $20 total, closes out at midnight Pacific Time tonight. If you've been on the fence so far about whether or not to buy in this year, two bits of news may push you over the brink. First, all the initial applications have been unlocked; ...

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Macheist arrives. Again.

The latest MacHeist countdown has finished and, after a few tense moments as they got their ducks in a row last night, the new bundle is ready for sale. This year's "nano bundle" includes the following apps at an incredible discount: MacJournal RipIt Clips CoverScout Flow Tales of Mo...

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The loot from the recent MacHeist

As Kevin pointed out on Wednesday, MacHeist has a new bundle for us at the moment -- but this one is what they consider a "nanoBundle" and it's free. I can't speak for everyone here at TUAW, but when I see the word "free" next to software, I horde it. They've decided to just give away this bundle...

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iStopMotion now Snow Leopard happy

Just in case you were waiting for the stop-motion app on your hard drive to be compatible before switching to Snow Leopard, you can stop waiting -- even if you're using some other program to do stop motion, iStopMotion is the best and brightest, and with the brand new update to version 2.1, it's com...

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Get your thinking caps on, MacHeist is back

Software bundles seem to be all the rage nowadays, but in my humble opinion, MacHeist is still the best. It doesn't just lump a bunch of apps together for special price, but instead, it turns getting a discount into a game. As a recent Mac switcher, I was utterly confused by MacHeist 3, the first...

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Talkcast preview: special guest Mitch Wagner from InformationWeek

If you joined us last Sunday night, you heard an unvarnished rant in five-part harmony as Dave, Christina, Mike S., Mel and I all weighed in on the ongoing series of "Laptop Hunters" Microsoft TV ads (yes, there's a third one now: an adorable mother-and-son team of laptop shoppers who shockingly sti...

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Win one of 25 Macheist bundles

UPDATE: The giveaway is now closed (as are comments). Congrats to the 25 winners, who have been contacted. Yesterday Macheist raised over $500,000 for charity and unlocked the final two applications in the bundle. Today, from 9am to 5pm EST, you'll have a shot at winning one of 25 bundles. Currently...

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BoinxTV unlocked in MacHeist 3 -- next up, Espresso and The Hit List

UPDATE: Just as we suspected, the $500,000 blew past and now everything is unlocked. It took a while for the US$39 MacHeist 3 bundle to raise US$400,000 for charity, but it happened yesterday and now the US$199 BoinxTV Sponsored Edition application is unlocked for everyone who is participating in ...

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MacHeist 3 bundle unveiled

The Heist might be over, but the software saving fun is just beginning! Tonight, the MacHeist 3 bundle was revealed in a geek-star studded live show. This year's bundle is, from a software perspective, really incredible. I love software bundles because they are a great way to get cool stuff, but th...

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