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Microsoft Mac Business Unit announces details of next version of Office for Mac

With Microsoft Office for Mac still owning a hefty portion of the Mac software market, it's always news when the Mac Business Unit decides to spill the beans on their product plans for the future.TUAW's Michael Rose was on the press call this morning and noted the headlines, with details in the pres...

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Microsoft MacBU Global MVP Summit 2007

Microsoft Mac developer David Weiss points to the Macintosh Business Unit's upcoming Global MVP Summit 2007, which will be bringing MVPs to Redmond for some Wii gaming and Mac Office feedback. Apparently, MVPs ("Most Valuable Professionals") are non-Microsoft employees that participate in Microsoft'...

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Microsoft: "Still discussing" Virtual PC for Intel Macs

Windows is a necessary evil for many people in the corporate world, but those of us lucky enough to be able to use Macs at work have been able to get away with running Virtual PC (VPC), which runs the Windows OS in emulation. But will Microsoft continue to develop VPC for the new Intel Macs? Accordi...

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