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Tag: macminicolo

Weekend Geek Project: Create your own image hosting system

For the past several years I have been trying to come up with a good way to post images to the web from my iPhone. Now that I have a Mac as my web server via MacMiniColo, it is incredibly easy. Now, I'll be completely honest, setting this up did take some time and effort. It is not as simple as c...

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Alfred, Dropbox, Hazel, and Markdown? All in a day's work

"How does a geek-pastor use a computer?" is a question that I assume a lot of people ask themselves, although they probably don't. But if they did, this would be one answer: I need to make a list of the readings and sermon titles for the church secretary and choir director, so one can make the w...

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Macminicolo asks: why do used Mac minis cost so much?

The Mac mini is the little computer that could. Personally, I own four of them -- of various vintages -- and they're all in use on a daily basis, some of them seven years after their initial purchase. They're insanely reliable, super affordable and some of the best kit Apple has produced. Macmini...

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MacMiniColo will host your Mac Mini server for just $10/month for 6 months

Colocation facilities are typically stuffed full of various rack-mounted servers running all manner of websites and other tasks with fat pipe connections to internet backbones. One company, MacMiniColo, offers colocation services and is dedicated to hosting Mac mini servers. Long before Apple i...

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Macminicolo writes up their state of the Mac mini

Steve Sande actually did a brilliant job of explaining just why the Mac mini is so awesome the other day (and we've certainly had our share of mini-love here on the site before), but this is worth a read as well if you're interested in Apple's littlest Mac. Macminicolo, the very company that Steve ...

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TUAW takes Macminicolo for a spin

TUAW was recently given the chance to test drive a remote server at Macminicolo, the colocation service that specializes exclusively in Mac Minis. We first covered Macminicolo in 2005 and just mentioned their recently-won "My Mac Server Contest". Given the improvements in the Mini since 2005, I took...

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Win a Mac mini, hosting and a MacBook Air

Aside from being a company with a name that's dangerously close to copyright infringement, Macminicolo has long been dedicated to creating hosting solutions for Mac users. In fact, they only host - you guessed it - Mac minis. It's a pretty nice service. Just send them your mini and they host it for ...

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