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12 great new settings in iOS 7

In all major operating system updates, there are usually quite a number of unsung improvements that don't get press attention. These are usually hidden deep in the Settings app, where it takes a while for bloggers to find the new features -- usually by accident. Dave Hamilton over at The Mac Observe...

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Parallels 8 and VMware Fusion 5 go head-to-head in benchmark testing

Over the past two weeks, both VMware and Parallels released new versions of their flagship virtualization software for the Mac. First on the scene was VMware Fusion 5 (US$49.99 - $99.99), and last week Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac ($79.99) arrived. Both offer faster performance, compatibility wi...

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TUAW TV Live: TUAW and TMO tag team

It's time for TUAW TV Live, so grab some popcorn and a beverage, sign into the chat room, and get ready for some fun. Today my special guest is John Martellaro from The Mac Observer. As I mentioned earlier today, John is the Senior Editor at TMO and has been around the Apple universe for many yea...

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Today on TUAW TV Live: The Mac Observer's John Martellaro

Would you believe it's Wednesday already? Today at 5 PM EDT (2 PM PDT), I'll have a special guest on TUAW TV Live. John Martellaro is the Senior Editor at The Mac Observer, and his background in the world of Apple includes a stint at the company as a Senior Marketing Manager for science and techn...

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The extra safe, extra cautious iOS 4.1 upgrade guide

In case you missed it, the highly anticipated iOS 4.1 software update was released yesterday. If you've already upgraded, or after reading that sentence you're not already downloading it now, then you obviously like to play it cool and safe. Hey, there's nothing wrong with that. Good for you! Either...

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Macworld 2010: TMO's Dave Hamilton and IDG's Paul Kent

Along with meeting readers and having a place to stash our laptops, one of the other novel pleasures of having a booth on the show floor this year was the serendipity of having our friends and colleagues in the Mac community walk on by -- just so that we could pounce upon them and interview them on ...

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Apple, Psystar strike a deal

CNET and The Mac Observer noted a legal filing on Friday that suggested Apple and Psystar were looking to bypass the normal lawsuit process and enter a phase of private arbitration and mediation. The filing notes that Apple and Psystar will participate in the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) pr...

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Apple won't be delisted from the NASDAQ

There was a chance that Apple would be delisted from the NASDAQ, which is never good for a company's stock. The issue stemmed from the investigation of options irregularities which forced Apple to restate earnings. This, in turn, delayed the filing of some paperwork, a 10Q form to be exact, therefor...

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Kids still like iPods

Gene Munster, an analyst for Piper Jaffray, has just completed a survey of teens focused on MP3 players. His findings aren't too shocking: the kids like iPods. 79% of those who own an MP3 player have an iPod of some kind while 76% who are planning to buy an MP3 player in the next 12 months will be b...

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