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Variations on a theme: It's not a Mac O'Lantern, it's a Pumputer

More Halloween hacks for you - check out the Pumputer, made by Brenda and Adam. They say "The Pumputer was conceived of to bring home the company's carving contest award for the Information Technology department. A 1990 Macintosh Classic computer was obtained and carefully dismantled. After inserti...

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Flickr Find: Sad Mac O'Lanterns and more

More on the Halloween theme... This Sad Mac O'Lantern is sad in more ways than one - it looks unfinished - but I admire the effort. Then there's a classic iPumpkin, and the Mac Plus pumpkin with a twist. My favorite so far is last year's Matrix pMac by RantingPenguin. Nice work!...

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Joy of Tech Mac O'Lanterns

To continue helping you get into the Halloween spirit, just in case the iTunes Halloween Essentials playlists aren't doing it for you, Nitrozac and Shaggy posted a how-to on making your own Mac O'Lanterns on Joy of Tech. They've posted a bunch of pics of some rather creative efforts to carve a numb...

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