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MacPractice Clipboard iPad Apps make patient sign-in a snap

A trip to the doctor's office usually means one thing -- filling out one form or another. For patients, it's a necessary evil; for health care practitioners, it's a requirement. Longtime Apple developer MacPractice announced today that it has released new free Clipboard iPad Apps to make patien...

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MacPractice introduces an iPad app to go with its healthcare software

We've mentioned MacPractice a couple of times before -- professional software for the Mac designed to be used by doctors and dentists to do things like track patients' appointments, keep and share health information, and do all the things a small-to-mid-sized health clinic needs to do. We were abl...

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Hospitals eye the iPad for low-cost paperless records

Unless you have absolutely no imagination, you've probably noticed the resemblance of the iPad to one of those cheap little clipboards that your friendly neighborhood doctor carries around on rounds. Apple is rumored to be making its own rounds of hospitals marketing the new über-iPod touch, ha...

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