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Tag: macrumors

Plants vs. Zombies 2 already downloaded 16 million times

Holy Guacamole! Crazy Dave, the friendly, but zombie-crazed neighbor from Plants vs. Zombies, has gotta be happy. Plants vs. Zombies 2, the exciting sequel to the original game pitting uncommon plants with superpowers against an unending crush of zombies, has been downloaded more than 16 million t...

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Apple running Mac Pro teaser trailer in movie theaters

Beginning last night Apple has begun running Mac Pro teaser trailers in front of select films in cinemas across the country. According to MacRumors, those that have seen the trailer says it shows the "sleek black curves of the product from multiple angles." The trailer ends with the tag line "Fall...

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Apple adds 256 GB, 512 GB flash storage options to iMac

There's something new under the sun for those interested in buying an iMac. MacRumors is reporting that Apple now has two new flash storage options available for the iMac, both of which can be purchased when buying a configure-to-order device from the online Apple Store. iMac buyers interested in...

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Apple still working on 'next version of Logic Pro'

There have been rumors bouncing around recently that Apple's digital audio division has been losing employees over the past few years, to the point where it's just a couple of guys still around to maintain the audio apps that are still out there (mostly just Logic Pro, which last saw a new full...

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MacBook Pro, iMac with new Ivy Bridge processors show up on benchmarks

As Chris Rawson noted in today's rumor roundup, there are some fascinating indications that new Macs may be on the way to an Apple Store near you. Geekbench is a cross-platform processor benchmarking tool that is used to provide numbers on the relative capabilities of computers with various C...

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Next-gen iPads squeezing air freight shipments from China

Rumors have been going around for the past two weeks noting that the next generation iPads are on their way to the U.S. from Chinese plants under strict security. Now Mac Rumors is reporting that shipping representatives for other firms are finding that they can't ship their products, as air freig...

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MacRumors all but confirms iPad 3 will have Retina Display

We have no idea how they got hold of one, but MacRumors has apparently sourced the display component for the next-gen iPad and put it under the microscope -- literally. In a deja vu moment from roughly two years ago when the iPhone 4 was confirmed to have a Retina Display, Mac Rumors put the alleg...

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Holiday Gift Guide: Procrastinator's Edition

You know who you are. It's Christmas Eve, your stockings are yet to be hung with care, and there's a dismayingly large gap in the "gift gotten" column of your personal Nice list -- or maybe you haven't figured out what the last three days of Hanukkah are going to look like when it comes to gift ex...

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Apple replacing recalled nanos with new models

In mid-November, TUAW reported on Apple's program to replace certain first-generation iPod nanos with refurbished models. The replacement program was designed to resolve issues with iPod nanos manufactured between September of 2005 and January of 2006 that could cause overheating and pose a saf...

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Report: Wife says no, Apple says yes to iPad 2

The folks over at MacRumors heard a story that's unsourced and most likely apocryphal, but it's just too good to not share. According to "an individual close to Apple," the company in Cupertino has been going over iPad 2 returns in order to keep track of various problems with the new tablet, an...

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Could the Mac App Store eliminate boxed software inventory?

Blogger Arnold Kim over at MacRumors published an interesting conjecture today -- that Apple is planning on eliminating the space-consuming inventory of boxed software at Apple Stores through an emphasis on purchasing apps through the Mac App Store. The post provides compelling evidence of proof of ...

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Current MacBook Pro hardware growing more scarce

If you are thinking about buying a MacBook Pro, the tea leaves suggest that you might want to wait before you pull out your wallet. MacRumors points out that Amazon is currently showing long wait times before some of the MacBook Pro models ship. They add that they've heard from others that supplies...

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Release of Apple's 27" LED Cinema Display appears to be imminent

If you're holding out for Apple's new 27" LED Cinema Display, the wait might not be all that much longer. Back in July, the 27" model was announced with a September release date. Being that it's mid September, folks have been getting a little anxious with no sign of the new model, until now. 9to5...

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Rumor: AT&T will carry 3G iPad in stores

Here's an interesting rumor I hadn't considered yet: sources inside AT&T are telling Boy Genius Report that AT&T's retail stores are planning to carry the 3G versions of the iPad. It's not unexplainable, given that AT&T is the partner for the 3G service, and so I guess they have a veste...

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iMac benchmarks and review say it's a beast

People have had their chances to put their grubby hands on those "incredible" iMacs that got released a few weeks ago, and the results are in. And they're great, apparently. First up, MacRumors has a collection of a few sets of benchmarks on the new machines, and the Core i7 processor (a $200 upgra...

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