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Solaris on an Intel iMac

The OSes just keep on coming! The latest non-Apple OS to boot on an Intel Mac, thanks to Boot Camp, is Solaris. That's right, a Sun engineer managed to get a build of Solaris up and running on his Intel iMac. It isn't fully functional yet, but I have no doubt that it will be soon. Macs are fast beco...

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TUAW Poll: Will you dual-boot your Mac?

Now that it's easier than ever, will you dual-boot your Mac? By the time Leopard is available, this will be a piece of cake (can you imagine hopping from OS to OS as easily as Fast User Switching? A guy can dream). I know that it all depends on things like compatibility, ease etc. But all things bei...

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Blue Screen of Death on an iMac

Well, that didn't take long. It seems that Windows' crash-tastic tendencies aren't limited to PCs. Check out this post by Deal Catcher forum user dbaxter. He writes that after installing Boot Camp, things were going swimmingly...for thirty minutes. While browsing USB devices, Windows did what Window...

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Linux on Intel iMacs

The Mactel-Linux project experienced some success this week when they got a copy of Gentoo Linux to boot on an Intel-based iMac. We know, Linux on Apple hardware isn't news (Yellow Dog or Ubuntu, anyone?), but it's still nice to reward the efforts of the seemingly tireless Linux community. They've g...

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Nanosaur II v.2.0 for Mactels available

Pangea Software made a universaly binary version of Nanosaur II available as a public beta back in October, and this week the official, non-beta version 2.0 has been released. This version requires at least Mac OS 10.4, but will run on both PowerPC Macs and MacIntels (though Pangea urges those with ...

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What you can't run on a Mactel

Ivan at creativebits has composed a list of application types that just won't work with Rosetta. From his list: The Classic environment (and hence, all pre-OS X apps) Screensavers written for PPC Code that insert preferences into the Preferences Pane Kernel extensions Apps that depend on...

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Omnigroup releases free Intel updates

Hot on the heels of yesterday's announcements, The Omnigroup has released free universal binary updates for registered users of the majority of their applications, including OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner, OmniDiskSweeper, OmniObjectMeter and OmniDictionary. These will all run natively on the new Intel-b...

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Apple - Intel info

Apple has created a website to answer all your questions about the new Intel Core Duo chips that now power some of our beloved Macs. Thrill to the performance charts that show Intel chips kicking G4 and G5 butt. No one toasted Intel bunny in sight. It is a brave new world, friends, and I for one wel...

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Intel not so inside?

The Inquirer is reporting that Intel will drop the 'Intel inside' slogan and logo this January and introduce a new marketing approach. Hmm, something else happens this January, but I can't quite put on my finger on it. Ah, Macworld! Could it be that Intel and Apple have teamed up to create a new mar...

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My day in the Mactel underground installing OS x86

Last week I was listening to This Week in Tech, with the golden voice of Leo Laporte. Apparently Leo had refused a copy of os x86 that had been offered to him by some punk kids. Me? I love punk kids. They pay my bills (because I'm paid to teach them). So it was with great glee that one such punk kid...

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Jumping on the bandwagon: OS X on x86! OMG!

So, everyone is posting about OS X running on x86. Wired picked it up today. Our sibling blogs Engadget and DownloadSquad both beat Wired to the punch on it. It's even getting a lot of attention on digg. So, why hasn't TUAW posted about it yet? Well, I think we TUAWers are all sufferin...

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