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TouchPad turns your iPhone into a remote keyboard and mouse for your Mac

TouchPad [iTunes Link] is my new best friend. It allows you to control the mouse and keyboard on your Mac through your iPhone, as well as Front Row. It is currently on sale in the App Store for $1.99 (50% off) for a "limited time" so you may want to grab it while you can. At the end of most days, I...

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Welcome back, macTV

I don't know about you, but I sure missed macTV. The last few months have been devoid of a central place for a Mac happy guy (or gal) to seek out and watch Mac related videos, notably those cool videos that Apple creates to be played at Apple Stores and in a variety of other places. The long Mac vid...

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macTV unveils new look

Congrats to the entire macTV team. Today they unveiled their new look, and a host of new features. Videos are still king on macTV, but now you'll also find Celebrity Playlists, forums, and better navigation. What are you waiting for? Go on and watch some Mac related videos, you know you want to. ...

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macTV offers up iPod ads

Our friends at macTV let us know that they now have a special section devoted to only to iPod ads. This way you can all every iPod ad on your iPod (in case you need to let others know about the wonders of the iPod). You can subscribe via iTunes or simply subscribe to macTV's RSS feed....

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macTV: Simpsons "diePOD"

A couple of weeks ago on Fox's The Simpsons, grandpa attempted an assisted suicide, Soylent Green-style. To get the job done, the doctor connected him to the "diePOD" while he watched "...footage of cops beating up hippies." It was pretty funny, and macTV has the clip. Check it o...

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MacTV offers "Premiere" service

MacTV, the site that offers an ever-changing variety of Mac and Apple-related videos, has announced their new premiere service. For $2US per month (that's less than one large coffee, folks!) you will receive exclusive content, streaming access to their full library of videos, faster downloads and ac...

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"The world's biggest backyard fence to talk over"

MacTV has posted a really interesting videocast 'flashback' on the early days of computing in 1981 (iTMS link), including news footage and computing expo coverage.  An intriguing but brief interview with "multi-millionaire Steve Jobs" made it into the vidcast, and barring any discussi...

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Eat Up Martha

Of all the snarky Apple references in pop culture, my all time favorite is this brief clip from The Simpsons. During a school assembly, Kearney tells his buddy, "...take a memo on your Newton: Beat up Martin." He scribbles away only to see the Newton's handwriting recognition interpret his...

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Rig of the Day: The collector

Now, I collect Macs and other Apple goodies, but Flickr user mactarkus has got me beat. Check out the iMacs (is that a flower power in the foreground?), All in One, compact Macs, Mac TV...even a Twentieth Anniversary Mac, which, for me, is the Holy Grail. Two great posters wrap up the collection. &q...

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MacTV releases screen capture video tutorial

MacTV (no, not that Mac TV) is a videocast that features all sorts of interesting Mac videos. Previous editions have included the Hal 9000 ad (one of my favorites), the original iPod TV spot and a formerly press-only video of Steve introducing the white iBooks (including Reality Distortion Field). T...

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