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Found Footage: David Barnard of AppCubby talks about KaleidoVid

While roaming the floor at Macworld Expo 2010 in February, I had the opportunity to talk with David Barnard of AppCubby about several of their iPhone apps, including GasCubby and TripCubby. David also told me about a project that they had in the works at the time, which has recently been released...

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Macworld 2010: Adam Jackson

Adam Jackson has been attending Macworld since 2003, including the New York and Boston shows. His devotion to Apple and the Macworld Expo was highlighted in the excellent "fanboy" film Macheads (available via iTunes). When I sat down with him at Macworld we spoke about the past, present and future ...

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Macworld 2010: Steve Shepard of Storyist

Last year we reviewed Storyist, the software for writers. It's a great app that lets you manage all aspects of a writing project, like plot points, research, characters and more. Once you're done writing, you can export to many popular file formats, as well as prepare your document for an editor...

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