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Video vault: Macworld visit with Intelliscanner

Digging into the Macworld Expo video vault on this holiday Monday (in the US, we're celebrating Presidents' Day), here's a quick interview with Paul Scandariato from Intelliscanner showing off the Intelliscanner mini hardware. The demo shows how quickly you can use the mini to scan your media or boo...

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Macworld 2009: Pinger Phone

I had a quick chat with the folks from Pinger Phone while we were at Macworld 2009. I hadn't heard of it previously, and it turned out to be exactly what I needed to bring together my various forms of communication. It's an iPhone/iPod touch app that provides a contact list combining email, phone, S...

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Macworld 2009: Spawn 2 and the economics of the App Store

Spawn Illuminati version 2 just hit the App Store (iTunes link). If you haven't seen it, it's an amazing time-killer which allows user interaction with something akin to a screensaver on your iPhone. It's a little hard to explain, which is why we have video. You can also check out some user-contribu...

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Macworld Expo: Big things for Things

It was a heck of a coming-out party for Cultured Code's Things, the task organizer and GTD platform for Mac and iPhone. With a passel of awards for the product (including a Macworld Best in Show) and a shipping 1.0 version of the desktop app, the CC gang had plenty to celebrate. I stopped by the Cul...

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Rumor: Bioshock headed to the Mac

Is there anyone out there who doesn't have a PC, or a console, or a Windows partition on their Mac, or was just somehow able to avoid the critical, cultural, and widespread success of 2007's amazing Bioshock? If so, you're in luck -- while console gamers are breathlessly waiting for Bioshock 2 upd...

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Macworld 2009: Interview with Parallels' CEO Serguei Beloussov

Even though we love our Macs here at TUAW and, if you're reading this site, you probably do to, there's some things you might have to use Windows for occasionally. So, what's a Mac user to do in that situation? Well, most of you probably choose one of the popular virtualization applications availabl...

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TUAW Macworld Video: Her first Expo won't be her last

This is Julie Rodriguez's first Macworld Expo, but it won't be her last. Coming all the way from Fargo, North Dakota, she stopped and talked with us briefly at Moscone's south hall, and told us about what she saw, what she liked, and why she'll be back next year. "Some [companies] I've never heard...

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Mac founding-fathers appear at Welcome to Macintosh screening

This year at Macworld 2009, two documentary films about the Mac held screenings. While we didn't have anyone on-site at MacHEADS, a few of us were fortunate enough to attend Thursday night's screening of Welcome to Macintosh. Welcome to Macintosh, a documentary by Josh Rizzo and Rob Baca, chronicl...

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Talkcast tonight, 10 pm ET: Macworld aftermath

This week the TUAW talkcast is back at its regular time, 10 pm ET on Talkshoe; we'll be running down the week at Macworld, with everyone's favorite moments and top products. You can see the behind-the-scenes history via our custom Twitter feed and our master Macworld Expo page. To participate on Tal...

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Rumor: Apple to attend CES in 2010

There's a rumor at AppleInsider today which states that Apple may attend CES next year. In fact, they report that their sources close to Apple have called the move "...a done deal." Why would Apple leave its own party to show up at one that is arguably Microsoft's? Here are a couple of guesses. Wit...

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Farewell, Macworld Expo 2009

The show floor has closed, the press room is wrapping up, and the denizens of Macworld Expo are heading out to points unknown -- some to the Crunchies tonight, most to the airports or back home (East Coasters, if you're leaving tomorrow, call your airlines). We've had a spectacular time bringing yo...

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Macworld in Pictures: TUAW's Macworld Meetup

Astute followers of the TUAW Macworld 09 Twitter feed will know that yesterday evening saw us host a small yet fun reader meetup at San Francisco's very excellent Thirsty Bear brewery. In amongst the fine local ales and great food (the roasted apple and cider ribs come recommended), we also gave a...

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Macworld 2009: Xsilva Lightspeed

With the Mac platform reaching 10% market share, there's a lot of interest in more vertical applications. For owners of retail businesses, point-of-sale systems are one area where the Mac is making impressive inroads. While there have been other Mac-based point-of-sale systems, the most impressive i...

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Macworld 2009: Blue Microphones

Good audio starts with a good microphone, and plenty of Mac podcasters depend on the effective and economical offerings from Blue. There are devices to fit most needs and most budgets in the Blue Microphones product line, and the company is beginning its string of three consecutive trade show appear...

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Agile Web Solutions at Macworld 2009

It's always a pleasure to see the guys from Agile Web Solutions. I spoke to them about three upcoming features for 1Password, their secure, password-collecting, form-filling application. I won't go into a lot of detail on 1Password, we've mentioned it a few times before. First, we talked a little a...

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