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hacksugar: Bringing back the on-screen keyboard

You've got an iPad. You've got a Bluetooth keyboard that you love. Now imagine this: You're in bed. Your keyboard is somewhere downstairs. And yet, it's still in range and paired to your device. You can tap, tap, tap in the iPad Spotlight text entry field, but there's no keyboard for you to use. Fru...

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iPhone activation program released

If you've been wanting to activate your iPhone without iTunes so you can use a non-iPhone AT&T/Cingular SIM, or you just want to use your iPhone as an iPhonePod, I have some good news for you. The guys over at ModMyiPhone have introduced a program that doesn't require you to work from the comma...

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Customize your iPhone's background

While the iPhone's sleek, imageless design helps to keep things simple for everyone, I can understand some people's desire to customize their surroundings. While Apple isn't making this easy on anyone, keeping the iPhone locked up for themselves and all, that doesn't mean determined hackers aren't t...

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