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EFi-X USA among latest to sell OS X capable machines

Update: The EFi-X development team contacted Engadget to report that they have nothing to do with "EFi-X USA" and they do not approve of this effort to sell Mac OS X-compatible machines. Classy! Update #2 (6 p.m. ET): EFi-X has let Engadget know that it is shutting down EFi-X USA's plans to sell th...

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OpeniMac is now selling Mac clones

The thing about clones is, they keep regenerating. The latest manufacturer we've noticed, Argentina-based OpeniMac, has begun selling Mac clones. As if using the word "iMac" wasn't adequate bait for Apple's lawyers, who are probably en route at this very moment, OpeniMac has begun selling two com...

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