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Blackberry Desktop coming to the Mac in September

Sunday night on the Talkcast we were talking about sync apps for mobile devices -- the latest iTunes update blocked the Palm Pre from identifying as an iPod in iTunes, and we were lamenting the fact that Pre users would have to go back to using Palm's app again. Blackberry users are likewise force...

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Beta Beat: BlackBerry Media Sync for OS X

Back in September, we started hearing rumblings that RIM was developing native OS X utilities for Mac BlackBerry users. Finally, RIM has released a preview version (on 12/19) of its BlackBerry Media Sync utility for OS X. It's no Desktop Manager, but at least it is a start. BlackBerry Media...

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RIM source says Mac tools are on the way!

CIO.com confirms rumors that I've been hearing for at least six months: RIM is preparing to release native BlackBerry utilities for Mac users. According to CIO.com's source, who requested anonymity, the software tools are being prepped for the first half of 2009. This is great news for any BlackBerr...

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PocketMac for BlackBerry updated, supports Entourage 2008 and iTunes

Although the iPhone is the mobile platform of choice for many Mac users, some of us actually use something else. Shocking, I know. Whether it is by choice or dictated by work, tons of Mac users are also BlackBerry users. The problem is, native BlackBerry support is non-existent, leading crackberry/M...

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BlackBerry Folk Rejoice: PocketMac Available from RIM

We told you ages ago that RIM was planning to acquire and then release PocketMac for syncing your Crackberry and your Mac, but somehow we missed the actual release (back in October). Anyway, PocketMac 4.0 is now happily available for download from RIM. Go forth you mobile, email addicted, thumbsore ...

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PocketMac Blackberry updated for Intel Macs

All of you email addicted Intel Mac users can now rejoice! PocketMac has updated their Blackberry syncing tool for use on Intel Macs. In case you aren't familiar with the PocketMac line of products, they allow you to sync a number of devices that do not have OS X syncing built in. I have only heard ...

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