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When Carl Sagan sued Apple ... TWICE

In the early 90s, Apple began working on the Power Mac 7100, a product that was internally given the codename "Carl Sagan." The impetus behind the codename was a riff on Sagan's catchphrase "billions and billions", the implication being that the 7100 would go on to make Apple billions of dollars. C...

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Macworld lists six rare Macs

Benj Edwards of Macworld takes a walk down memory lane and lists six obscure Mac computers that saw limited production runs. All the unusual machines were produced in 1990s and include the JLPGA PowerBook 170, the Color Classic II, the Macintosh TV, Power Macintosh G3 All-in-One, Twentieth Anni...

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G5 Mac "Pro" (sic) receives Macquarium treatment

All the little fishies in bottom of the sea wish that they were swimming in my G5 Mac PC Or for the geekier devs among you: Joy to NSFishies in the G5 PC, @selector(joy:) to you and me... Video of the case conversion follows for your delectation. [via Gizmodo] ...

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Power Mac G5 turned time-teller

This is great, and highly appropriate for the tick-tocking away of the year -- Japanese modder Nobon had an old Power Mac G5 (case, it looks like, though this would be cool on a working Mac as well) sitting around, and he wanted to know what time it was, so he installed a little clock in there. As ...

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Apple: Welcome to the obsolete list, PowerBook G4

Ars Technica reports that Apple will announce the latest additions to its list of vintage and obsolete machines on March 17. The list, initially reported through MacMerc, includes the following: The "vintage" machines are ones where service parts are available to repair machines purchased in Califor...

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PCIe Gigabit Ethernet Desktop Adapter for Mac Pro/Power Macs

This news may not excite too many folks out there, but I imagine one or two of you are interested in using a PowerMac or Mac Pro as a server. Doing that correctly means you need at least 2 ethernet ports but sometimes even that isn't enough. Luckily for our server wanting friends Small Tree Communic...

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Rig of the Day: The black Blue and White G3

While perusing our Flickr pool this morning, we decided, "It's time for a mod post." Behold the Blue and White G3 that's been painted black. It looks pretty good, Geoff. "Power Mac G3 Black Mod" posted by GeoffMyers. If you'd like to see your own rig featured here, simply upload photos into our gro...

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The Power Mac stands as the last PPC Mac

Oh, the poor Power Mac G5. Apple's "Big Kahuna" now looks downright elderly, being the only Mac that isn't sporting a rockin' Intel chip. I'm guessing that Apple's pro level machine won't make its Intel debut until January's Macworld Expo, but it's fun to speculate on what could be in store for that...

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Rig of the Day: Maxed out

For the month of March, we've added a theme to the Rig of the Day posts: "Maxed out." From now until the 31st, we want to see pictures of your over-the-top, maxed out set up. Just upload it to our group Flickr pool, and we'll select an image every day to highlight. Next month, we'll choos...

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Rig of the Day: Serious video editing

Could you put together a sweet holiday DVD for grandma and grandpa with this set up, or what? Flickr user and TUAW reader trancepriest shows off his Power Mac G5, two huge Cinema Displays, iSight, video editing keyboard, a couple of cameras and other cool looking stuff that I can't even identify. &...

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Apple products in the Engadget awards

Engadget has compiled their list of tech awards for 2005, as selected by the readers and Engadget editors. Categories ranged from "Gadget of the Year" to "Disappointment of the Year." Apple received six readers' choice awards (but no editors' picks, oddly enough). So, here's how ...

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Rig of the Day: Siblings

Now here's a person after my own heart. Flickr user bushwood's snapshot features a G5 Power Mac, an original Macintosh, an iPod and a print of the old "Picasso" illustration. I especially like that the original Mac is still running. It's nice to respect your elders. "macs" posted...

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