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SmileOnMyMac is now Smile

Going forward, the artists formerly known as SmileOnMyMac will now just be known as Smile. The name change reflects the company's more diversified software offerings outside of the Mac, which now include an iOS version of its popular app TextExpander on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. In addition ...

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TextExpander 3 makes short work of keyboard shortcuts

TextExpander, one of my very most favorite (yes, I like it that much) utilities has been updated to version 3. This is a major update and renovation of the program, which has changed from a preference pane to an application. I honestly don't think that I could use a Mac without TextExpander anymor...

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TextExpander available for iPhone/iPod touch

TextExpander for the Mac has been one of my favorite utilities for several years. The ability to define "snippets" of text which expand into words, phrases, sentences, or even the outline of entire documents has been invaluable. When I heard that TextExpander was coming to the iPhone/iPod touch, m...

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PDFpen 4 adds OCR and Word importing

SmileOnMyMac has released a major update to PDFpen, their PDF editing software which we examined at a while back. PDFpen allows you to edit PDFs to fill out forms (e.g. scans of existing forms), mark-up documents, etc. The biggest new feature for version 4 is the inclusion of basic OCR functionality...

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Free HTML snippet file for TextExpander

TextExpander is another favorite utility in the TUAW tool belt, as it can save a boatload of time with repeatedly typing anything from email signatures to canned customer service replies and even code. In fact, SmileOnMyMac just made HTML coding a bit easier on web designers and hackers everywhere b...

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TextExpander 1.4 released

SmileOnMyMac has released TextExpander 1.4, an update to their customizable typing utility that allows users to assign keywords to snippets of text, ultimately saving gobs of time in re-typing things like phrases, websites, signatures and more. New features in this indispensable tool include: U...

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SmileOnMyMac acquires Textpander

Textpander, an application we have blogged about before, has been acquired by SmileOnMyMac. SmileOnMyMac plans an update for the application that will add features to this program that let's you save time by typing in a kind of short hand. They will also be renaming the application TextExpander (jus...

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