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Automate text entry in iOS

One attribute that all tech bloggers admire in other bloggers is the ability to point out hidden (or at least poorly documented) gems in the operating systems and apps we use. Sandro Cuccia at The Mac Observer did a great job over the weekend of showing how to automate text entry in iOS using a bu...

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Steve Jobs' NeXTcube on display

The Cartoon Art Museum held its annual NeXTEVNT fundraiser on Monday and one of the stars of the show was Steve Jobs' personal NeXTcube that was there on loan from Pixar. Photos of the NeXTcube on display were shot by Dave Hamilton of The Mac Observer. Hamilton attended the event on behalf of TMO,...

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Get the most out of Apple's Notes app

Notes took a great leap forward with the introduction of iCloud and OS X Mountain Lion. Once a static app that sat on your iOS device, Notes now allows you to jot down quick messages and sync them across your Apple devices. In a post from this weekend, Sandro Cuccia of The Mac Observer takes a dee...

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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM: The Mac Observer's Jeff Gamet checks in

Today on TUAW TV Live I've got a real treat for you: Jeff Gamet. Jeff's the managing editor over at The Mac Observer and co-hosts a variety of podcasts, and he's well-known for his humorous guest appearances on many more shows. Jeff and I have a long list of topics to discuss today, although th...

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iPads were everywhere at Musikmesse 2011

If there's any one area of life that the iPad has had a huge impact on, it's the creation of music. Writing for The Mac Observer, blogger Jochen Wolters noted that iPads were everywhere at the world's largest trade show for musical instruments and audio recording technology -- Musikmesse 2011. ...

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