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Twitter for Mac 3.0 is a less pleasant experience (Updated)

Twitter has released a spanking-new version of its Mac client with changes major, minor and annoying. Let's explore! Twitter has re-designed the sidebar icons so that they're more in line with Twitter for iOS. They look nice enough. The DM icon now resembles a speech balloon/envelope, which is kind...

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Twitter for Mac lets you tweet from anywhere in Mac OS X

Here's a nifty feature of the recently-released Twitter for Mac. It adds a contextual menu option to Mac OS X 10.6.6 for super-easy tweeting. Just highlight a bit of text, right-click (or Control-click if that is your wont) and select "Tweet" from the contextual options. Twitter for Mac will produce...

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Twitter for Mac update removes hidden features

MacHeist bundle owners may be disappointed to discover that the latest version of Twitter for Mac removes the hidden Super Secret menu, which was covertly added by developers. This backdoor was included as a bonus for disgruntled customers who purchased the MacHeist bundle before Tweetie was acquir...

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Twitter for Mac 2.0: A first look

The first Mac app I downloaded this morning after finishing the update to Mac OS X 10.6.6 was Twitter for Mac 2.0. This is the app formerly named Tweetie, and it's a free download from the Mac App Store. If you have previously used another Twitter client on your Mac, or if you're currently using the...

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Tweetie for Mac has a MacHeist secret

The storied history of MacHeist continues with the release of Twitter for Mac in the app store. As you may remember, MacHeist bundle customers were promised early access and a free copy of Tweetie 2. Then Tweetie 2 never arrived, and Twitter bought Tweetie, and now there's a free version of Twitter...

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