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Vintage Mac app About boxes show just how far we've come

Mac consultant, writer, and translator Riccardo Mori has a collection of vintage Macs, and he's been putting them to good use creating a wonderful archive of About boxes while trying to determine what apps are on some old CD-ROMs and floppies. About boxes, in case you're new to the term, and thos...

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Mac classic OS emulator on Nook Simple Touch

So, your clueless Uncle Rob sent you a Nook Simple Touch for Christmas last year, and it's been sitting around collecting dust. Well, here's something you can do with it -- turn it into a Mac running OS 7.5.3. Last November, blogger Mike Cane had the dream of running the classic Mac OS on a N...

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What every superhero needs: Watchmen black SE/30

Even though reviewers and early attendees have pointed out a slew of Apple references (including a snippet of the 1984 ad) in the Watchmen film, the one we've been waiting for most eagerly is the appearance of Adrian (Ozymandias) Veidt's sleek black SE/30. In the film version of 1985, it's what ever...

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Checking in on the Skymall Index

Back in February I humbly introduced the Skymall Index -- a highly unscientific, completely unofficial, 90% tongue-in-cheek metric for determining the scale of the iPod ecosystem by checking the Skymall catalog for iPod appearances and dividing that number by the count of old stock photos of obsolet...

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Rig of the Day: The trio

Now here's something you don't see every day. One computer used as a stand for another. Flickr user epatel sent us this shot of a Mac Plus and an external, 20 MB SCSI disk sitting comfortably on top of an Apple // Plus . At least the Apple is still in use. While we're on the topic, is that Lemming...

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Rig of the Day: Cube

Are Cubes "vintage" yet? We're not sure, but we do like them. Flickr user techcast-oni posts a shot of his well-maintained Cube and 15" Apple Cinema Display. I've got to get one of those eventually. Untitled posted by techcast-oni. For the month of April, the theme for our Rig of the...

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Rig of the Day: Newton at work

You know I couldn't let this month's vintage theme pass buy without posting at least one Newton picture. Today's photo features a Newton (is that a 2100 or a 2000?) sitting next to a ETC express lighting console. I think it looks quite at home. "my computers at work" posted by owenscenic....

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Rig of the Day: Bookshelf Macs

Today's rig shot features a MacPlus, SE, SE/30, and a Classic adorning a bookshelf. I have to say the look nice up there. I may have a to add a couple to the bookshelf in my own office. I just really like the look of these compact Macs. "Old Macs put to good use" posted by targuman2002 Fo...

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Rig of the Day: Apple II GS, autographed by Woz

Good grief! How do you make your vintage Apple II GS even cooler? Get Woz to sign it, of course. That's what Flickr user CharlieBrown (no relation) did, and we're jealous. Keep that thing away from sunlight, Chuck! "Apple II GS" posted by CharlieBrown. For the month of April, the theme fo...

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