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As an Apple Special Event approaches, the digital realm typically buzzes with predictions and rumors about potential announcements, accompanied by a plethora of editorial opinions. This flurry of speculation has been a staple since Steve Jobs’ return to Apple, and it seemed destined to continue unchanged. However, the recent confirmation of new iMacs and Mac minis has disrupted the usual speculative cycle, intensifying debates to levels typically seen only during Macworld keynotes.

The accuracy of the predictions for the products unveiled on the 6th suggests that some online information about upcoming announcements may indeed be reliable, even if timing details were slightly amiss.

If these forecasts about the iMac and Mac mini proved accurate, it raises the question of the validity of other circulating rumors. What might this imply for the upcoming Tuesday announcements?

Should we trust the circulating whispers, we might expect a plethora of new iPods come Tuesday morning. This could include an array of Second Generation iPod nanos in various colors and possibly an increased capacity for the 5G line.

Additionally, the much-anticipated touchscreen Video iPod might finally make its appearance. Moving beyond iPods, the addition of full-length movies to the iTunes Movie Store seems almost certain. There’s also strong speculation about a new Airport Express capable of video streaming and possibly new 40+ inch wall-mounted displays with media center functionality.

While we’re speculating, let’s consider some less likely but still possible announcements: updated MacBook Pros with Core 2 Duo processors, the debut of the iPhone, and maybe even a revival of the Newton!

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