Lilt Notebook: Effortlessly Control iTunes with a Wave

For those who have mastered the art of manipulating their MacBook through physical gestures, there’s a new frontier to explore. Consider using the tilt function or the ambient light sensor on your Pro model for an enhanced interactive experience.

The application Lilt leverages these features to initiate various commands, such as launching applications, files, and scripts. Developed by Jonathan Nathan, this tool utilizes Apple’s Sudden Motion Sensor and the ambient light sensor to create a more intuitive user interface.

Simple gestures like waving your hand over the sensor can skip songs in iTunes or tilting your laptop might announce the current time. Lilt is equipped with several ready-to-use functions including screen lock, speech synthesis, volume control, and more, ensuring you can start using it right away.

Available without any limitations until November 30th as a pre-release version, Lilt can be yours for just $5 thereafter.


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