Is Repairing a Battery Cheaper Than Buying New?

It’s no secret that replacing notebook batteries can be a costly affair. Conrad Quilty-Harper, known for his contributions to both TUAW and Engadget, recently shared his experience on his blog about trying to rejuvenate his MacBook’s battery life.

After replacing 11 components in just six months, he contacted Apple for a battery replacement. The representative informed him that failing to return the old battery would result in a charge of £71 (~$138 USD), whereas a new battery purchased directly from the UK Apple Store online would cost £99 (~$192 USD).

This significant price discrepancy is noteworthy regardless of your location.

While the economics might vary by country, and we certainly don’t advocate unnecessary calls to Apple to exploit their replacement policy, this information could be valuable for those genuinely struggling with battery issues and looking to economize on a necessary replacement.


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