Discover Hidden iPhone Codes: Unlock Secret Features

Exploring the hidden depths of your iPhone just got more interesting. After discovering that the *3001#12345#* code, which was originally used in Nokia devices, also works on iPhones, I was inspired to search for more such codes.

Here’s a compilation of some useful iPhone codes that you might find handy. Feel free to share additional codes in the comments section.

*3001#12345#* and tap Call. This will launch Field Mode.

Field Mode provides insights into your iPhone’s internal settings, including real-time network and cell information.

*#06# This code will display your IMEI number without needing to press Call.

The IMEI is a unique number which identifies your mobile device.

*777# and tap Call. This is useful for checking the account balance on a prepaid iPhone.

*225# and tap Call. To check the bill balance.

(Only for postpaid subscribers)

*646# and tap Call. To verify available minutes. (Only for postpaid subscribers)

These codes are straightforward and provide quick access to account details.

*#21# and tap Call. This code helps in interrogating settings for call forwarding.

It shows whether call forwarding is active for voice, data, fax, sms, and other types of data transfers.

*#30# and tap Call. To check the status of calling line presentation.

This code will tell you if the caller’s number will be displayed when they call you.

*#76# and tap Call. To find out if connected line presentation is active.

This function is similar to calling line presentation but applies when you are connected to a call.

*#43# and tap Call. To check if call waiting is enabled on your device.

Reveals the status of call waiting for various services like voice, data, and fax.

*#61# and tap Call. To view the number for call forwarding when no answer is received.

Displays details for setting up voice call forwarding for when your calls go unanswered, along with settings for other services.

*#62# and tap Call. To check the number for call forwarding when your iPhone has no service.

This is useful for setting up forwarding in areas with poor service.

*#67# and tap Call. To determine the number for call forwarding when your iPhone is busy.

Helpful for managing calls when you are already on a call.

*#33# and tap Call. To check for any bars on outgoing calls.

Verifies if restrictions like call barring are active for outgoing services.

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