Apple Seeks Patent for Innovative Collapsible Ports Design

According to a recent report by Apple Insider, Apple has recently applied for a patent on a new type of collapsible port technology, which is speculated to be designed for an upcoming ultraportable laptop. Initially, the concept seemed a bit unclear to me—it appears that these ports would fold to allow more internal space.

However, it turns out these ports are located on the device’s hinge, and they unfold when the laptop is opened, ready for cable connections. When the laptop is closed, the ports cleverly fold away, minimizing space usage.

This is quite a clever design, but it raises the question: is an ultraportable Apple device imminent? It seems doubtful.

Considering the pricing of Apple’s current products, such as the iPhone at $600 and the MacBook at $1100, positioning a new 13-inch ultraportable in the market at around $800-900 might not make much sense. Despite my fondness for the compact design of my 12-inch Powerbook, I would likely opt for a MacBook if I were considering a purchase in that price range.

[Source: Mac Rumors, hat tip to Brian!]

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