iPhone Commercials Shine in French, Now Available Online

Our reader Guglielmo recently informed us that the debut series of French iPhone commercials have started broadcasting. These advertisements, which showcase the upcoming availability of the iPhone in France, can be viewed online at apple.com/fr in various resolutions.

Notably, these commercials conclude with a display announcing the iPhone’s release date in France as November 29th.

While my French is not fluent enough to fully grasp the nuances of the advertisement’s script, it appears that these versions are closely modeled after the original American ads, with some adjustments for local flavor, such as referencing Le Monde instead of the NY Times. One of the phrases from the ads, “un pâle imitation d’internet,” stands out as particularly striking.

For those interested in seeing how these ads compare to other international versions, you can view the German and UK versions on their respective Apple pages.

Thanks to Guglielmo for the tip!

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