Apple Unveils New iPhone Configuration Tools

Apple has recently unveiled several new tools that are set to simplify the process for those needing to set up multiple iPhones simultaneously:

These tools are designed to help you generate a configuration file that can be distributed via email or uploaded to a website.

Once this file is installed on an iPhone, it will set up numerous features such as device security policies, VPN configuration details, Wi-Fi settings, APN settings, Exchange account configurations, mail settings, and certificates necessary for the iPhone and iPod touch to integrate with enterprise systems.

The iPhone Configuration Web Utility, available for both Mac and Windows, focuses on the creation of these XML configuration files.

The Mac-exclusive iPhone Configuration Utility also allows for the creation of these files, in addition to providing access to logs and the ability to install applications on iPhones.

These applications are a boon for enterprise users of iPhones, offering significant utility at no cost.

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