Apple MacBook Pro Quality Decline: A Personal Experience

In June, when it was time to upgrade from my iBook G4, I sought a new laptop that matched the performance of my Intel iMac. I settled on the MacBook Pro 15″ and promptly purchased it from Apple’s website. What I didn’t anticipate was that I would end up exchanging my MacBook Pro more than six times in the following two months.

My initial MacBook Pro was a sight to behold and I was thrilled with it. However, within two weeks, I encountered the screen striping issue that had been reported by others. This typically happened after the laptop was charged from a half-depleted battery and then disconnected from the MagSafe adapter. Initially, it seemed minor, occurring just once or twice. However, the issue soon became a daily annoyance.

Despite contacting Apple and even sending them the photo shown above, they dismissed it as a “software glitch.”

Additionally, the first MacBook Pro had another issue where every application would crash when I tried to check my email. I ran the Apple hardware test (AHT) which indicated that the memory sticks were faulty. After explaining all these issues to AppleCare, they agreed to replace the unit since these were hardware issues occurring within the first month.

Read on to discover more about the ongoing saga with my MacBook Pro replacements.

Replacement #2
Once again, I hoped a new MacBook Pro would resolve my problems. Unfortunately, Apple sent a refurbished unit despite assurances of a new one. I contacted Apple, and they were surprised by the mistake, offering yet another replacement.

Replacement #3
The third replacement arrived, and to my dismay, it was yet another refurbished model. It had visible fingerprints on the screen, a sticky residue on the trackpad, and broken Styrofoam in the box. Less amused, I called Apple; they suggested cancelling this order and placing a new one directly, claiming it would be quicker than going through AppleCare.

They offered a $45 discount and free overnight shipping on the new order, which I reluctantly accepted.

Replacement #4
After returning the previous MacBook Pro, I placed the new order. I called Apple to ensure my discount and free shipping were applied. However, when the laptop was set to arrive in 5 days instead of overnight, I contacted them again only to find out the representative had not updated the shipping. They then offered a $50 case as compensation.

Replacement #5
When the next order arrived, I was initially speechless; the box had a previous customer’s shipping label on it. Under a white sheet of paper, I found a note from the previous owner stating the order was incorrect. I opened the resealed box, dismayed. Once more, I contacted Apple and received yet another replacement.

Replacement #6
This time, I received a MacBook Pro with Tiger installed, without even an upgrade DVD.

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