Discover Freeware Gem: Bean – A Comprehensive Review

Recently, Giles Turnbull, who is soon to leave TUAW, shared a compilation of his top Mac applications. Topping this list was a tool named Bean, which initially made me think of the comedic antics of Rowan Atkinson’s character by the same name.

After the initial amusement faded, I explored the application and discovered its impressive capabilities.

Developed by James Hoover, Bean is a robust text editor that strikes a balance between simplicity and functionality. It’s an open-source program that’s considerably lighter than Microsoft Word yet more feature-rich than TextEdit.

It’s compact, swift, and user-friendly.

Bean boasts several features including a real-time word count, comprehensive statistics, automatic saves with dated backups, a page layout mode, a dictionary, word completion, and the ability to include in-line graphics. For those looking to enhance Bean’s functionality, its Objective-C source code is accessible for modifications.

The application supports various file formats such as .rtf, .rtfd, .txt, .html, and .webarchive.


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