iPhone Headphone Mic Compatible with Latest Laptops and Older MBPs

As highlighted by our colleague Nik yesterday and further detailed by Macworld’s Jason Snell in his extensive review, the new MacBook Pro and MacBook models have an under-the-radar feature that iPhone users will find beneficial. The $29 US Apple Stereo Headset that comes with the iPhone can now be used as a microphone on these new unibody laptops.

This feature might not be the main selling point, but it is a convenient addition for those who use VoIP applications like Skype or Gizmo, and for audio chats via iChat.

By eliminating the need for a USB headset or Bluetooth headset, users can lighten their load and save some money.

Update: A reader has mentioned that these headphones are also compatible for sound input on the earlier MacBook Pro model (“MacBookPro4,1”). If anyone can verify this, please contribute your insights.

Additionally, another reader inquired whether the clicker button controls iTunes playback; according to the Macworld review, it indeed does.

Appreciation to all who provided this information.

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