Just Bought a MacBook Last Week: What Now?

Recently, I faced a dilemma about whether to purchase a MacBook Pro immediately or wait for a potential new release. I decided to buy without delay, only to discover shortly after that Apple had indeed launched a new model. Instead of regretting my decision, I sought out options available for someone in my predicament.

Here’s what I learned.

Apple provides a 14-day return window for purchases made either online or at their physical stores. During this period, they offer price protection which applies to both price reductions and newly released products. When I returned my MacBook Pro to an Apple Store, they reviewed my receipt and proposed an exchange for the new model.

Initially, I was concerned about a possible “re-stocking” fee, which typically is 10% of the product’s original price. However, after a discussion with the store manager, this fee was waived.

The Bottom Line
If you’ve purchased a MacBook/Pro/Air within the last 14 days and are considering an upgrade to a newer model, it’s worth contacting your local Apple store or their online customer service at 1-800-MY-APPLE. While you might initially hear about a restocking fee, my experience at the store was more favorable.

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John Devis

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