Updated Multi-Touch Trackpad Drivers for Windows Vista

Apple has recently launched a new update for MacBook users who operate their devices on Windows through Boot Camp. It remains uncertain whether this update is applicable for all models of MacBook and MacBook Pro or solely for the latest unibody models.

Users of the new MacBooks operating Windows have reported issues with the Multi-Touch trackpads. This update aims to enhance the functionality of these trackpads, as indicated by numerous user complaints on the Apple discussion boards.

According to Apple, the update enhances the performance of the Apple Multi-Touch trackpad under Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista on Mac computers using Boot Camp.

The update is a Windows executable file and is available for download on the Apple Support Downloads website, compatible with both Windows XP and Vista.

In an amusing side note, the update’s download page briefly displayed an unusual and previously unseen version of Vista, humorously labeled as “Widows Vista.” It’s likely this typo will be corrected soon, but it certainly provided a moment of levity.

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