Time Lapse Photography Simplified with New iPhone App

Discover the capabilities of your iPhone with the TimeLapse application, available on the App Store. This innovative app utilizes the camera on your iPhone to capture images at set intervals. You have the option to take pictures as rarely as once every 24 hours or as frequently as every 10 seconds.

Once you’ve gathered enough photos—say, 300—you can export them into iMovie or QuickTime Pro to create your own time-lapse video. It’s quite a fascinating process!

TimeLapse also offers a delay feature before capturing each photo, allowing you time to position yourself perfectly in the shot. This feature can also turn your device into a basic surveillance tool.

While the app is active, it displays the start time, the time of the most recent photo, and when it plans to finish capturing images.

Here are a few tips based on my experience with the app today. To avoid the repetitive sound of the camera shutter, make sure to mute your iPhone before starting. Also, consider switching to Airplane Mode to prevent interruptions from incoming calls during your session.

For just $0.99, TimeLapse offers a playful and creative way to use your iPhone’s camera.

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