Jim Cramer Discusses Apple in Recent Smackdown

Last evening, if you tuned into the Jon Stewart interview on the Daily Show featuring CNBC’s Jim Cramer, you would have caught the latest in their ongoing dispute. The contention centers around Cramer’s questionable financial guidance and CNBC’s superficial coverage during the financial downturn.

In a revealing segment of the show, Stewart brought to light a past interview where Cramer discussed strategies to negatively impact Apple’s stock by spreading doubts about its partnerships with AT&T and Verizon. At that time, Cramer was managing a hedge fund and his comments seemed aimed at manipulating the stock for quick profits, a tactic he claimed was legal, though Stewart challenged its morality.

Ultimately, it may be up to the SEC to evaluate.

Apple’s stock, symbol AAPL, is frequently swayed by both positive and negative rumors. This instance provides a glimpse into the mechanisms behind such influences.

For those interested in viewing the original discussion, it is available on YouTube, with the relevant section about Apple starting around the 3:30 mark.

Appreciation to Jose for the heads up and the link.

Correction: A clarification from our readers – Cramer had actually stepped down from his hedge fund role in 2001, not 2006 as previously mentioned.

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