5 Key Reasons Behind the Extended Apple Store Update

The anticipation for the Apple Store’s comeback has been palpable, and here at TUAW, we’ve been pondering why it’s taking such an extended period.

Here are our top speculations:

Reason #5: According to @serpicolugnut on Twitter and updated by TUAW reader Zaph, it seems the App Store’s review team is meticulously scrutinizing the new store setup.

The review process currently averages around 14 days.

Reason #4: Perhaps they’ve just finished their Time Machine backups?

Reason #3: It appears that WebObjects, the technology behind the scenes, is quite outdated.

Reason #2: Courtesy of @verso via Twitter, the delay might be due to the time it takes for iPhone backups to complete.

Reason #1: It seems someone at Cupertino might have accidentally logged in as the Guest User, causing a bit of a stir.

Stick around for more updates, and while you’re waiting, maybe try the veal!


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