iPhone App Reports 95% Piracy Rate, Developers Claim

Despite the numerous triumphs and successes emerging from the App Store, the issue of piracy remains a significant challenge for many developers. This is particularly true for Fishlabs, who have shared on the Touch Arcade forums that their new release, Rally Master Pro 3D, is facing a staggering 95% piracy rate.

Indeed, it appears that 95% of the individuals engaging with the game on the iPhone have not purchased it.

There are likely several reasons for this high rate of piracy — the game costs $7 and lacks a free trial, it hasn’t yet reached widespread popularity (meaning a single pirated copy can spread quickly across popular forums), and other factors that are yet to be fully understood. Nonetheless, a 95% piracy rate is alarmingly high for a platform that is designed to distribute software solely through Apple’s official channel.

Fortunately, Fishlabs is not resorting to the outdated “piracy = lost sales” argument that many might in this situation.

Instead, they are reducing the price of the app, acknowledging that their initial pricing may not have met consumer expectations. They explained to Mobile Entertainment that they are considering offering content exclusively through Apple’s in-app purchasing system, which could help mitigate piracy by securing the additional content, although they admit this strategy has not always been successful on other platforms.

Clearly, addressing the issue of app piracy will require more than just discussions on forums.

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