Discover the Latest Innovations in Apple and Lego Collaborations

It’s not about these Lego Mac mods. Instead, a budding company named MacSlaps is offering some unique flair with their custom vinyl stickers for your MacBook and MacBook Pro.

Decorating your MacBook with stickers or laser engravings isn’t a novel concept, as evidenced by previous offerings.

However, MacSlaps distinguishes itself with minimalist yet imaginative designs. Their collection includes a variety of designs, including a Lego motif, and others like Mario, PacMacMan, and a particularly clever Tic-Mac-Toe design.

The stickers are supplied on a square vinyl sheet, which varies in size from 4 to 8 inches, making them suitable for even the 13-inch MacBook.

While these are specifically designed for MacBooks, the temptation to apply one on a 24-inch aluminum iMac is strong, as the visual impact would likely be similar. They also cater to custom requests, so if you have a unique design in mind, they’re equipped to bring it to life on your device.

Although their range is currently limited, the designs they do offer are fresh and engaging.

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