How to Effectively Manage Your TUAW Commenter Profile

Recently, we’ve received several questions through our tip line and feedback form about how to manage your TUAW commenter profile. When you post a comment on a TUAW article, a profile is automatically created using the details you provide in the “New Readers” section of the comment box.

An email will be sent to you with the subject “The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW): Please confirm your comment.” This email will contain a link that you must click to activate your commenting ability. This link might look somewhat random, such as “ d3c2c40709244bdab990689e484f419c/”.

Following this, you’ll receive a second email confirming your account activation at TUAW, which you should keep safe as it includes your email address and a randomly generated password.

Continue reading for more insights on managing your commenting profile and other related tips.

To post another comment, simply go to the “Returning” tab in the comment section, enter your email and password, and submit your comment.

It will be posted immediately without needing email confirmation.

Q: “What should I do if I forget my password?”

A: Just select the “New Reader” tab, input your name and email, and you’ll receive an email with your password when you activate your comment.

Q: “How can I change my password?”

A: To change your password, you’ll need to visit your profile page at You can find this URL by clicking on your name in any of your previous comments.

On your profile page, you’ll see an option to verify your identity and change your password. There’s also an option to update your profile picture, though it may not be functional at the moment.

Q: “What if I encounter an offensive or spam comment?”

A: Each comment is equipped with a ‘Report’ button.

Use this to alert our editors about spam, malware, inappropriate content, or promotional abuse. Please refrain from using this feature simply because you disagree with someone’s opinion. While discussions can become intense, reporting should be reserved for clear violations of our commenting policy.

We appreciate any suggestions on improving our comment system.

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