Henge Launches Affordable MacBook Docks: What’s Up, Dock?

Many individuals shopping for a new laptop often dismiss the idea of purchasing a MacBook or MacBook Pro. They argue that their current non-Apple laptops can easily connect to a docking station at home, allowing for a seamless transition from portable to desktop setup. Historically, while docking solutions for Apple laptops have existed, they have been relatively expensive and not prominently featured in the market.

However, this situation is poised for a change with the entry of Henge Docks into the market.

This company has begun rolling out a new series of docking stations specifically designed for MacBooks, starting with the 13″ MacBook and MacBook Pro models featuring an aluminum unibody. Pre-orders for other models in the MacBook line are also now being accepted.

The design of these docks complements Apple’s approach of aligning most connectivity ports on one side of the device. The MacBook is positioned vertically in the dock, allowing all peripherals to connect directly to the dock rather than the computer itself.

While Henge provides most necessary cables, certain items like the MagSafe power cable must be provided by the user.

What makes these docks particularly appealing is their affordability. The dock for the 13″ aluminum unibody MacBook is priced at just $59.95, and the version for the 13″ MacBook Pro is slightly higher at $64.95. Henge Docks has also sent us a review unit and we are excited to evaluate it.

Michael Rose

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