Mental Killer iPhone Trick: Amaze and Confound Your Friends

If you’re a fan of illusions and have an iPhone, you might want to try out a magic trick that’s perfect for entertaining friends over the weekend. The app in question is called Mental Killer, and it truly lives up to its name.

The premise of the trick is simple yet effective: you start by placing a piece of paper with a friend’s phone number on it where everyone can see. Next, a participant picks a card, either from a deck or by simply naming one.

Imagine they choose the four of diamonds. You then call the number on the note, and lo and behold, the voicemail that plays will reveal the chosen card!

This trick is a clever twist on a classic magician’s gimmick, easily executed with a few onlookers. It’s best performed with the phone on speaker so everyone can hear the reveal.

I’ve shown this trick to several friends, and it never fails to amaze. It’s advisable to perform the trick just once to keep the mystery alive. Originally priced at $20, the app is currently available for just $0.99, a steal for the wow factor it provides.

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