Apple Surveys MacBook Air Owners About 3G Connectivity

Apple has recently initiated a series of questionnaires targeting MacBook Air users, probing their interest in potential new features such as 3G connectivity. The survey delves into how users currently utilize cloud storage services and their preferences regarding USB connectivity, keyboard functionalities, and external storage options for their devices.

The newest iteration of the MacBook Air represents a significant leap forward, blending the compactness of a tablet with the robust capabilities of a traditional laptop.

The inclusion of questions about a 3G module suggests that Apple is considering equipping future models with mobile network connectivity, positioning it as a competitor to the 3G-enabled iPad. Additionally, the survey hints at further integration of cloud services, likely influenced by Apple’s acquisition of LaLa.

Surveys are not new to Apple; they have previously used them to refine products such as the Apple TV, which has evolved from a mere hobby project to a serious contender in the media streaming arena.

If you had the influence of Steve Jobs, what enhancements would you suggest for the MacBook Air to elevate its status even further?

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